Asset Management Tool

Asset Management Tool

This tool helps users to manage all assets going in and out of their company conveniently and quickly. It's also supported on multiple devices (website, mobile).

Technologies: Typescript. ReactJs, React Native, NestJs, Azure Blob Storage


One customer came and said that "Every day, they have a lot of requests to bring out their asset. To do that, the leader creates a request paper then the employee must find the manager to confirm. It takes a lot of time to finish. Sometimes, the manager wants to know how many assets are brought outside this month. They have to find back all the request papers and check."

They need a solution for all the above problems.


We help them to build a web application. The leader can create a request from the web application and the manager will get a notification via mobile app then he can approve or reject the request from the mobile app.

They can also take a picture of the asset so that they can double-check by comparing the asset with the picture in the request.

The manager can go to the dashboard and view all the requests or filter by the employee name, type, etc...

The Result of Our Work

After applying the application to the company, they find that it is more easy and comfortable to use it than paper requests.
  • 4x faster
  • No more losing request papers
  • Easily to view the report
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