COVID-19 Status Report

COVID-19 Status Report

Covid status report
The website automatically pulls COVID-19 data from public sources and plots it, showing a daily report to the user.

Technologies: NodeJs, Angular, ArcGIS

The Challenge

There is a data entry in ArcGIS system. The users want to use it and show it as graphs in the web dashboard. Also, they want to sync ArcGIS data from the web client.


We use NodeJs to create an API server. API server reads data from ArcGIS and sends data to the web client as API.
In the frontend, we use Angular to build a dashboard with graphs and tables.

The Result of Our Work

The dashboard help users easily view the data as graphs and manage data instead of going to the ArcGIS system. Below are some features in the dashboard.
  • View cases as the graph
  • Manage ArcGIS sheet¬†
  • View status report by date
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