Medical Incident Report App

Medical Incident Report App

The website helps medical units manage incidents occurring in the unit.
Employees use mobile apps (android and iOS) to report incidents.
The handling staff manages the incidents through the management page on the web.
There is also a phone notification to the person in charge when serious incidents are reported.

TechnologiesPHP, Laravel, Angular, Ionic, Firebase Cloud Messaging


How does a head of department or director quickly know there is an issue in their organization?
If there is a problem, the employee will report by paper. This way is slow and hard to track the reports.


We build a mobile app for employees. When there is a problem that exists, they can take a picture and send a report. The system will quickly send a notification to the manager's phone.

In this system, we also build a web application with a dashboard and statistics pages for them. Users can analyze and view a summary of reports.

The Result of Our Work

  • The employees report more problems.
  • Organization resolves more problems quickly.
  • The working place is better for them.
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